Smart Messaging on IIE's Social Media Network

Presenter: David Brandt, Web managing editor, Institute of Industrial Engineers

In the past decade, social media has elevated to the primary communication platform on the Internet, thanks in large part to advancing mobile technology. Today, anyone can share a thought, comment on an event, or capture a picturesque moment in real time for all of the digitally connected world to see.

But just what is it you should be sharing? And what role can your social media presence play in enhancing the reputation of IIE – including its societies, divisions, regions and chapters? How can you participate in IIE's social network year-round (instead of only at the IIE Annual Conference)?

In this webinar, IIE’s David Brandt will provide tips and best practices in social media sharing on IIE's social network and beyond. He'll help attendees leverage their personal and IIE-related social media brands to become the best resources on the Web for educating and informing others about IIE and the IE profession. He'll also answer questions about what IIE subgroups can do to increase the frequency of their social media sharing as well as the diversity of its shared content.

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