Project HELP: Shifting Nursing Time from Care Support to Care Delivery

Project HELP (Healthcare Enabled Logistics Program) aims to give back clinical time to nursing by engineering improved methods to support the delivery of care, by improving care support services, developing an information system and developing a new staff role. This webinar describes the methods and initial results (14 percent increase in patient care), specifically focusing on the deployment of the information system and new staff role on the nursing units.

HELP has three key focus areas. First, we are engineering better care support services by designing a system which breaks down the current silo-operations and creates an integrated, coordinated, and collaborative care support system. Second, we are developing an information system which will allow us to capture the knowledge of nursing, so we will be able to provide better service by knowing what is needed where and when, and how it needs to be prepared in order to provide patient care. Lastly, we have developed a new staff role, the care support assistant, which provides front-line care support for the inpatient unit, such as supply and equipment retrieval, allowing nurses to spend more time on care delivery; performing tasks which fully utilize their skill set.

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