Engineering Economy Division Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award recognizes excellence in a conference paper whose primary contributor is a student member of IISE and the Engineering Economy Division and encourages students to present their paper at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 18-21, 2024, Montreal, Canada.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The student (recipient) must be a registered student member of IISE at the time of paper submission.
  • The student (recipient) must be the first (primary) author of the paper.
  • The student (recipient) must be the primary presenter of the paper. The student can be from any level (undergraduate or graduate).
  • The paper may have co-authors that are not students. But the first (primary) author and the presenter must be the student (recipient).
  • The paper must be accepted for publication in the conference proceedings at the annual conference and all requirements to meet those publication requirements must be met.
  • The track chair or his/her designee will check to see if any papers are eligible, and if necessary, form a committee to review the papers for a final selection. The student (recipient) will be notified to ensure their attendance and presentation at the conference.
  • A faculty member (e.g.,department chair, advisor, etc.) must submit a nomination email or letter to the track chair nominating the student for the award and confirming eligibility.

Submissions should be sent to the committee chair  Bayram Yildirim by Feb. 18, 2024.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Societies and divisions must follow standard conflict of interest guidelines. Those guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Officers and Board members of the Division should be ineligible for awards during the period of their service, without approval by the Senior VP for Technical Operations (SVP). Exceptions may only be made by the SVP when awards are time sensitive, and the impacted board member(s) or officer(s) must recuse themselves from the award process. For awards that are not time-sensitive, the nominee should wait until their Officer or Board service is complete to be nominated.
  • The awards committee (or judging committee) should not include members who have either a personal or professional relationship with the nominees. For example, a faculty member should not be judging a paper competition where a participant from the same university is a nominee for best paper award.
  • The awards committee (or judging committee) should actively change its membership on a rotating basis from year to year to ensure fairness, equity, and diversity. That is, some members of the judging committee should roll off the committee and new members should roll on.


    • First prize winner(s) will receive a certificate with a hardback cover at the Engineering Economy (EE) Division townhall meeting at the 2024 Annual Conference.
    • Second and Third prize winners will receive a digital certificate and be recognized at the EE townhall meeting at the 2024 Annual Conference
    • First, second, and third prize winners will be recognized on the EE webpage and in the EE newsletter
    • First, second, and third prize winners will be recognized in ISE magazine.

    If you have any questions, please contact Amy Straub


    • Abstract Submissions Open Oct. 6, 2023
    • Abstract Submissions due by Dec. 1,  2023
    • Full Paper Submissions due by Feb. 18, 2024
    • Winner(s) Notification due by Mar. 24, 2024

    2023 Winner

    Gracie Chwatek and Omar Ashour
    Penn State Behrend
    "A Benefit-Cost Study of Implementing Particulate Matter Filters onto Motorbikes in Kenya"

    2022 Winner

    Chris Annear
    Penn State Behrend
    "Forecasting the Rising Economical Impact of Tropical Storms"

    Past Winners

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