A Systems Approach to Healthcare

Presenter: Kevin Nortrup, principal, Sugar Creek Solutions

Healthcare today is a system of systems, operating within still larger systems. Not surprisingly, complex (and often unarticulated) interdependencies can lead to unintended consequences and unforeseen complications. Ad-hoc integration of products and subsystems – individually optimized but not holistically complementary – often causes projects to be overdue, over budget and under-performing. The design, selection, implementation, integration and maintenance of technology often overlook its essential interdependence upon culture, organization, process and training.

This presentation explores how a systems approach to healthcare can manage such complexity toward desired objectives. Comprehensive systems thinking, intentional systems design and efficient systems troubleshooting are illustrated in a variety of common situations and scenarios. Thought-provoking examples suggest how a systems approach not only can help to avoid problems of the past but also realize the promise of the future.

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