Wearable Workflow Needs Health Systems Engineering

Presenter: Dr. Chuck Webster, editor and founder, EHR Workflow Inc.

From the original calculator watch to today's Google Glass and smart clothing accessories, wearable technology seeks to weave (sometimes literally!) information technology into everyday life and work, making it pervasive, intimate and, metaphorically, friction-free. Especially promising are applications in healthcare, including patient monitors for the well and unwell and wearable user interfaces to health information systems. However, wearable tech will not succeed unless we get its workflows right.

Getting the workflow right requires both means of driving workflow at the point-of-care and health as well as systems for analyzing, creating and optimizing this workflow. In other words, successful wearable technology in healthcare requires health systems engineering. This presentation provides an overview of wearables and how health systems engineering can help make them a success in healthcare.

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