University Chapter Responsibilities to the Faculty Advisor

Your chapter's faculty advisor, though not a member of the chapter (but a member of IISE), is an integral part of your chapter. His/her knowledge and experience will help in exploring solutions and implementing organizational procedures.

How to work with your Advisor:

  • Make every effort to plan group and executive board meetings at a time when your advisor is able to attend.
  • Be sure to relay the date, time and place for each meeting.
  • Have an advisor report, if possible, at each meeting.
  • Meet with your advisor at least a day before chapter or officer meetings to go over the proposed agenda and topics.
  • The chapter president should meet regularly with the advisor to discuss organizational matters and to relay and update information.
  • Welcome suggestions or criticisms he/she may provide.
  • If your advisor is unable to attend a meeting or event, be sure to meet with him/her after the program to provide feedback on what had happened. Send him/her a copy of the minutes.
  • Your advisor is a great resource; take advantage of their experience and insight. Provide opportunities for advisor interaction and a commitment to the success of the group.
  • Do not go "over his/her head" or by-pass him/her in working out problems and plans. Always talk over the plans with him/her first.
  • Give your advisor feedback.
  • Appreciate your advisor's involvement and time by sending thank you notes, public expressions of appreciation at meetings and by personal thanks. Advisors have birthdays and celebrate holidays. Let your advisor know that he/she is appreciated.

Take ownership of your chapter. Be proactive and contact your faculty advisor. 

For information on the roles and responsibilities of the faculty advisor, click here.