Best Practices in Management Engineering

Presenters: Jean Ann Larson, president and principal consultant at J. A. Larson & Associates, and Mike Stoecklein, health administrator, network director, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

This two-part presentation will provide an overview of two Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference presentations. The first part is an overview of a panel discussion about the latest edition of the book Management Engineering: A Guide to Best Practices for Industrial Engineering in Health Care. The panel discussion will feature those who contributed chapters to the book – all experienced practitioners who have witnessed the evolution of IE practices in health systems. The second part is about management transformation. All organizations are "hairballs" – cumbersome, bureaucratic, fraught with waste and inefficiency, impeding creativity and innovation. It doesn't have to stay that way. The knowledge about how to orbit the hairball is available to anyone who wishes to learn, but orbiting the hairball will not be sufficient. Transformation of management is required, and we have access to that knowledge as well.

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