Success Stories from the Mayo Clinic and Wake Forest Baptist Health

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This webinar features two presentations previewing content that will be presented at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2014 in Orlando, Fla., in February.

Presenters: Lauren Cooper, a performance improvement advisor for Wake Forest Baptist Health, Thomas Roh, a senior health systems analyst for the Mayo Clinic, and Tarun Mohan Lal, part of the Internal Business Consulting group of the Mayo Clinic

Delivering on the Patient Promise – Reducing Hospital LOS

“We will keep you safe, care for you, involve you and your family, and respect you and your time.” This is the patient promise at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC). In order to deliver on this promise, we need to reduce our overall hospital LOS. This presentation will highlight key LOS reduction projects during fiscal year 2014 and their impact on keeping our patient promise.

Discrete-Event Simulation for Process Redesign/Re-engineering in Healthcare

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have used several lean Six Sigma tools and methods to reduce costs and eliminate waste from the system. However, increasing complexity in systems and processes requires the use of operations research methods to attain greater efficiency. Discrete-event simulation (DES) is one such commonly used computer-based operations research modeling technique that is used to evaluate, improve and optimize stochastic processes such as in healthcare. It can be used as a decision support system to make critical strategic and operational decisions by assessing trade-offs between resource utilization, service and operating costs to improve patient satisfaction and health. This presentation will cover some of the basics that will be presented in-depth at the HSPI Conference, including best practice recommendations on multiple stages of simulation modeling process, statistical analysis, parameter estimation, model implementation, analysis and reporting.

Thomas Roh is a senior health systems analyst for healthcare policy and research at the Mayo Clinic. He has a B.S. in industrial engineering from the University of Nebraska and an M.S. in health systems from Georgia Tech. Prior to joining the Mayo Clinic, Roh worked for Becton-Dickinson and Emory Healthcare.

Tarun Mohan Lal is a healthcare professional specializing in healthcare delivery science. Mohan has a B.S. in industrial engineering from the Manipal University, India, an M.S. in industrial engineering from Texas A&M University, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the State University of New York. He has experience working for manufacturing companies and ERP implementations in the past and is currently working for the Internal Business Consulting group of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Lauren Cooper is a performance improvement advisor at Wake Forest. She has a B.S. in mathematics from Elon University, a B.S. in industrial engineering from the University of Florida, and an M.S. in health systems engineering from Georgia Tech. Cooper is actively working to achieve her Six Sigma black belt certification and is very passionate about transforming healthcare.