Lean Six Sigma Case Studies

Presenters: Levell Dunn, Kaiser Permanente and Isaac Mitchell, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Pre-notification Reporting for Small Business Unit
The first presentation will focus on increasing customer satisfaction in Kaiser Permanente by reducing the number of pre-notification letters that are sent out late. Kaiser Permanente is constantly looking for ways to make sure we are the number one healthcare provider and by looking at how we do business and constantly striving to find areas of improvements we can continue to be provider of choice.

Redefine Expert: Engaging Frontline Staff in Lean Continuous Improvement
The second presentation will focus on the Lean Continuous Improvement program at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and how they are engaging frontline staff in daily problem solving that achieves the best outcome and experience for every patient and family every time they are in their care:

  • Exactly
  • Customized
  • Immediate
  • Safe
  • Waste Free

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