IISE Quality Control and Reliability Engineering (QCRE) Division William A. Golomski Award

This award honors an outstanding paper in the proceedings at the annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS), authored or co-authored by a member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. To be considered for this award, a paper must possess the following characteristics:

  • At least one author must be a member of IISE at the time of the RAMS during which the paper is presented.
  • At least one author must be identified as an IISE member in the author biography session at the end of the paper.
  • No author may be an officer of the QCRE community of IISE at the time of the RAMS during which the paper is presented or at the time of the RAMS when the award is made.
  • The author must not be selected for the P.K. McElroy Award (overall outstanding RAMS paper).
  • Submit nominations to Adel Alaeddini.

2020 Winners

Cesar Ruiz, Edward Pohl and Haitao Liao
University of Arkansas
"Selective Maintenance of Multi-component Systems with Multiple Failure Modes"

Past winners

  • 2019: Wendai Wang, Arun Bala Subramaniyan and Rong Pan
    "Optimal Planning and Inference for Sequential Accelerated Life Testing with Two or More Experimental Factors"
    2018: Ameneh Forouzandeh Shahraki and Om Prakash Yadav, North Dakota State University
    2017: Haitao Liao, University of Arkansas and Faranak Fathi Aghdam, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • 2016: Tongdan Jin, Texas State University and Zhaojun Li, Western New England University
  • 2015: Gurmukh Advani and Om Prakash Yadav, North Dakota State University
  • 2014: Rong Pan, Arizona State University and Wendai Wang, Thoratec Corp.
    "Analysis of Degradation Process with Measurement Errors"
  • 2013: Huairui Guo, ReliaSoft Corp. and Haitao Liao, University of Arizona
    "A Generic Method for Modeling Accelerated Life Testing Data"
  • 2012: Ming J. Zuo and Ramin Moghaddass 
  • 2011: Kellie Schneider, Edward Pohl and Chase Rainwater
  • 2010: Haitao Liao and Mitchell Rausch
    "Spare Part Inventory Control Driven by Condition Based Maintenance"
  • 2009: Suprasad Amari and Hoang Pham
    "Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Fiber Bundle Models"
  • 2008: Thomas G. Yeung and Bruno Castanier
    "Optimal Highway Maintenance Policies under Uncertainty"
  • 2007: Wei Li and Ming J. Zuo
    "Joint Optimization of Inventory Control and Maintenance Policy"
  • 2006: O. Geoffrey Okogbaa and Sarath Jayatilleka
    "Accelerated Lift Testing for Speedier Product Development: Problems and Strategies"
  • 2005: Ming J. Zuo and Hongzhong Huang

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