Inside the Mind of Toyota: Management Principles for Enduring Growth

by Satoshi Hino



Inside the Mind of Toyota: Management Principles for Enduring Growth begins with an introduction about why Toyota is an industry leader.  “Toyota, which leads in survival potential and survivability profits, was also in place ten years ago. The results suggest just how enduring Toyota’s business and profit bases really are.”

Chapter 1: Toyota’s Genes and DNA focuses on the genes and DNA of Toyota.  The origins of the Toyota genes are examined and the process used to transmit those genes through DNA.  The principles for discovering and nurturing human talent are also illustrated.

In Chapter 2: The Toyota Paradigm, Toyota is analyzed with respect to their corporate paradigms.  These paradigms are a result of previous generations passing down their genes from management systems to production functions.  These paradigms align the energies of all employees.

Chapter 3: Toyota’s System of Management Functions analyzes the management systems within Toyota.  These systems govern and regulate the management functions throughout the organization in all functional areas.  The roles of management in Toyota are structured as “functioning” management function systems.

In Chapter 4: Toyota’s System of Production Functions, the production function system is analyzed with respect to “product power” and “brand power”.  The focus of this chapter is product planning and design.

Chapter 5: Product Power and Brand Power provides several evaluations of Toyota accomplishments by third parties.  These confirm the corporate substructure which link genes and DNA with the production function system.

The final chapter, Chapter 6: Toyota Management in the 21st Century, discusses Toyota strategies to keep growing in the new strategy.

Inside the Mind of Toyota is an easy to read book that is applicable to any professional eager to learn the secrets of Toyota’s success.   The principles of this book can be applied to any organization regardless on industry.  This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the Toyota management philosophy in a systematic method.

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