Creating Lean Corporations: Reengineering from the Bottom Up to Eliminate Waste

by Jeffrey Morgan


Creating Lean Corporations: Reengineering from the Bottom Up to Eliminate Waste provides a bottom-up approach to empower the employees who perform the tasks to create and manage their portions of the business process.    The tasks are defined using a model for the input-output relationships between the tasks and their sequence.  This enables the improvement of large, complex business processes. 

Three concepts for applying lean principles to an organization are presented.   The concepts include:

  1. Hierarchies for managing large, complex systems and processes
  2. Process models that define the organization’s business processes
  3. A lean, bottom-up approach to business process reengineering

To address the first concept a template is presented which integrates functional and process-oriented groups into a single organizational hierarchy.   This provides a clear order of command and control.  This organizational structure is used successfully by college and professional football teams.

For the second concept, a standard process model is presented which enables business processes to be managed as a hierarchy.   Integration Definition for Functional Modeling (IDEF0) is used in conjunction with defined controlling tasks.  This approach enables the process management to be implemented as a hierarchy in which the detail increases as you go down the level of hierarchy.  This provides the appropriate focus of detail with corresponding levels.

In the third concept, a new approach is presented which is lean, bottom-up approach to business process reengineering.   The author contends this technique works better on large, complex processes than the traditional top-down approach.

The book is organized into four parts:

  • Part I: Getting an Overview of Lean Corporations
  • Part II: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Lean Corporations
  • Part III: Making Your Business Processes Lean
  • Part IV: Looking at Examples of Lean Business Processes

Creating Lean Corporations is well illustrated and easy to read.  The concepts are presented in a logical and well-organized manner.  This book is ideal for business process managers and lean leaders.

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