Visual Tools: Collected Practices and Cases

by Productivity Press


Visual Tools: Collected Practices and Cases is a collection of articles that focus on implementing visual tools.  The case studies are a compilation of articles previously published in Lean Manufacturing Advisor.  The case studies show how organizations such as Boeing and Maytag have implemented visual tools.  The book includes discussion on specific tools including 5S, standard work, mistake-proofing, kanban, and storyboards.

The content of the book is as follows:

Part I:  Getting Organized: 5S and Cleaning

  • Chapter 1: 5S Becomes Lean Cornerstone at Maytag Refrigerator Factory
  • Chapter 2: Parts Plant Is Boeing's Best for Two Years in a Row
  • Chapter 3: Sustaining a 5S/Visual Management Implementation
  • Chapter 4: Cleanliness Equals Value
  • Chapter 5: Establishing Goals Yields Faster and Better Cleaning

Part II: Doing it Right: Standard Work and Mistake-Proofing

  • Chapter 6: Implementing Standard Work Means More Than Posting Signs
  • Chapter 7: The Mother of Improvement
  • Chapter 8: Mistake-Proofing Is a New Tool as Lean Initiative Evolves

Part III: Using Kanban for Effective Pull Systems

  • Chapter 9: Keys to the Quantity of Kanban
  • Chapter 10: Fixing Everything at Once
  • Chapter 11: Carpeting Kanban Vacuums Excess out of Inventory
  • Chapter 12: Kanban-like System Pulls Product into Stores
  • Chapter 13: A High-Mix, Low-Volume Answer to Kanban
  • Chapter 14: Software, Totes and 'Milk Runs": Kanban at MKS Instruments
  • Chapter 15: Diminishing Buffer Can Serve as a Signal for Production Start
  • Chapter 16: Ford's Electronic Kanban Makes Replenishment Easy

Part IV: Visual Workplace

  • Chapter 17: Visual Techniques Provide Key Workplace Information
  • Chapter 18: Spreading the Word - Visually
  • Chapter 19: Storyboards Teach Workers the Process
  • Chapter 20: Problems Become Obvious by Displaying Takt vs. Actual

Visual Tools is easy to read and provides practical descriptions of the applications.  The case studies include figures, pictures and diagrams to help illustrate the case study.  At the end of each chapter there are "Takeaways" which capture the important points from the case study. 

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