ELSS Conference Promo I - Process Improvement 

Presenters: Larry Lynch and Merwan Mehta, Ph.D.

Initiating Process Improvement at a Mid-Sized Regional Food Bank
The Mid-South Food Bank serves 31 counties in West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi. A process improvement effort was initiated in 2012 as a community service (pro-bono) project as requested by management "to improve the transportation system." Lean Six Sigma methodology was followed, and the first challenges encountered were the lack of an operational data-reporting system for tracking weekly activity and a well-defined baseline of operational performance to use as a reference point. Both needed to be established, accepted, and supported by management to continue and track the process improvement efforts. The presentation will address the methodology used and issues encountered in this on-going project for the Mid-South Food Bank.

Using the Normal Curve to Control Processes
The presentation will address using the normal curve to control processes and how to use the seven tools of quality. Attendees will learn how basic statistics can be used to control processes and how the normal curve can provide us with the means to control all kinds of processes will be discussed. How the seven tools of quality evolved in conjunction with the normal curve, and how to use them for process control and root-cause analysis will also be discussed. Attendees will understand how process data needs to be collected, analyzed and predictions about the capability of a process undertaken.

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