George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering


This award honors the late Dr. George L. Smith, P. E. Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering at the Ohio State University. Dr. Smith served as a long-term member of the IISE Board of Trustees in various roles; however, his international promotion of the industrial engineering profession has been his greatest legacy to the global IE community. To honor his commitment and dedication to advancement of our profession and recognize the contributions of other industrial engineers who continue in this tradition of advancing our profession globally, IISE has established the "George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering."

Criteria for Award

This award is presented on an annual basis to an individual who has made significant and long-standing contributions to the industrial engineering discipline and who exemplifies role model behavior as "goodwill ambassador" for the profession across national boundaries by demonstrating global cooperation in their leadership and establishment of international initiatives. To be eligible for this award, nominees must be:

  • Demonstrated long-term commitment to international cooperation among the participants in the global IE community (greater than five years of recorded accomplishments).
  • Personal contributions as leader, instigator, catalyst or coordinator of activities that further the harmonization and rationalization of the industrial engineering discipline by building a stronger community of professionals across national and cultural boundaries.
  • Recognized leadership excellence as evidenced by letters of endorsement from representatives of two or more international IE professional organizations.
  • Senior or Fellow Member of IISE.

Deadline for Submission of Nominations

Nominations should be completed and sent to the chairman, IISE Headquarters to the attention of the chairman of the Honors and Awards Committee, postmarked on or before December 1.

Nomination and Award Procedure

  • Individuals may be nominated for this award by any member of IISE or by any international IE-related organization that has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with IISE.
  • Nominators should complete the nomination form.
  • Nominations should provide a cover letter that summarizes the eligibility and contributions of the nominee. In addition, the curriculum vitae for the nominee should be provided with special emphasis highlighting the individual’s international and global cooperation activities.
  • All nominations will be automatically carried over for at least one year following the initial submission. For re-nominations, pertinent updated information should be submitted by the nominator.
  • Three letters of recommendation should be limited to a maximum of two pages each.
  • The nomination form, the nominator's letter and CV package should be limited to 12 pages.
  • The entire nomination packet should be no more than 18 pages total.

Nominations can be submitted electronically to:


This award is judged by the Honors Steering Committee.