IISE Overview

IISE is the global association of productivity and efficiency professionals specializing in industrial engineering, healthcare, ergonomics and other related professions. Our mission is to advance our profession through networking, training and knowledge sharing.

IISE has been active since 1948 and thousands of members can attest to the value of membership. Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re an industry leader, IISE has opportunities for you to advance your career and stature in the industry. Join us today and become part of our global community.

Here’s what you get for joining IISE


IISE events and social networking sites attract industry leaders in industrial and systems engineering, manufacturing, ergonomics, healthcare management, quality, logistics and other related fields. The contact possibilities are boundless with more than 13,000 members, thousands more who follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, and more who regularly attend our events representing some of the most influential companies and institutions in the world. Networking is often listed as the top reason professionals join IISE.


IISE members receive significant discounts when they register for conferences, seminars and training programs. Taking advantage of the savings offered with just one event or course more than covers the annual cost of membership. Members also can take advantage of IISE member perks for discounts on services from popular companies.


IISE produces almost a dozen conferences each year that bring together hundreds of professionals to share ideas and learn from experts on myriad topics for continuously improving quality, productivity and efficiency. IISE’s premiere event is its IISE Annual Conference & Expo, and there are four other major conferences that cover health systems, ergonomics, lean and Six Sigma, and enterprise transformation. IISE also offers one-day agile conferences and plant tours on topics such as work standards, supply chain management and lean and Six Sigma in healthcare.

With more than 60 years of experience and more than 75 current offerings, IISE is a trusted continuing education resource for IISE members and nonmembers. But it’s the members who receive the discounts for as much as 40 percent off of courses. Work toward a Six Sigma black belt, earn certificates to prove your expertise in lean, train to manage projects more effectively, or prepare to take the P.E. exam. IISE offers courses throughout the year that are essential to your success. Classroom training is available at our headquarters just outside of Atlanta as well as other locations across the country. Several of our most popular courses are available online, on-demand for greater convenience. We also offer customized on-site training for corporations wishing to train large groups of employees more efficiently.

IISE’s webinars are a quick way to obtain practical knowledge on everything from lean sigma certification to how to be a better volunteer leader. They have become so popular that they are taking place two to three times each month. They are free for members!

UL-IISE PureSafety Online Training
UL — the industry-leading provider of engineering training — has partnered with IISE — the global leader in industrial and systems engineering — to provide our members with deeply discounted, cutting-edge training to help further your professional development. Complete training on your own time and at your pace.

Career Center 

Regardless of how well or how poorly the economy is doing, there will always be companies in need of good employees and people seeking job opportunities. Individuals can view job offerings, post an anonymous resume and create job alerts, while companies can post jobs and scroll through the many qualified candidates who have posted resumes. IISE’s Career Center is a one-stop shop for hiring parties and job seekers.

IISE also offers a robust mentoring program through the Career Center. Members can sign up as a mentee or mentor and match with people with similar professional interests to form a mentoring relationship.

Industry-Leading Publications 

Often cited as the top member benefit over the years, the award-winning  ISE  magazine is free and full of content that IEs and IE types need to remain current, savvy professionals. You can be hands-on and read your hard copy, or you can read it online at www.iise.org/ISEmagazine. Members of IISE’s Society for Engineering and Management Systems receive the highly respected  Industrial Management  magazine, which is produced bimonthly.

Research Journals
IISE Transactions , IISE’s flagship research journal, is one of the most well-respected and highly rated journals in the engineering field. IISE also publishes  The Engineering Economist IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering , the  Journal of Enterprise Transformation  and the upcoming IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors. Members receive discounts on all of them.

Societies and Divisions 

People who study industrial engineering take on all kinds of roles in the professional world. Just as doctors and lawyers specialize, you could say that ISEs often specialize in various areas. IISE offers groups for some of the more prominent fields that we claim under the industrial engineering umbrella. So even if you’re not an ISE by training, you have an opportunity to join with like-minded professionals in areas such as health systems, ergonomics, engineering management, process industries, lean, quality and reliability engineering, and many others. The groups provide members with a connection to specialized technical content, such as monthly newsletters, as well as peers who have challenges similar to their own.

Awards and Competitions 

IISE honors and awards acknowledge achievements of professionals and students in academia and industry, elevating the profession and elevating the reputation of members who aim high and meet their goals. For a full description of all awards, scholarships and competitions, go to www.iise.org/honors.

Member Directory 

Have you ever met a great professional contact at an IISE event but lost his business card? What about that time you meant to catch up with a speaker after a session and got tied up by someone else before you could get to her? Well if they are IISE members, then the IISE member directory has you covered, and only IISE members have access to it. It’s also an easy way to find colleagues and subject matter experts in a hurry because you can search by title, company, job function and several other qualifiers.

Chapters & Regions 

IISE boasts many professional and student chapters and regions around the world. They provide an opportunity for members to meet face-to-face on a regular basis with programs that often include speakers and facility tours. It also leads to community involvement and the ability to raise awareness of the profession and how it can make a difference to local businesses and projects.

Social Networking 

Post questions and get thoughtful answers, connect with your peers, or chime in on timely discussion topics on IISE’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter sites. Between the three sites, we are nearly 20,000 members strong and counting. And take some time to read about the latest goings-on in the industry on the  IISE blog site. Join IISE’s social networking groups today and join the conversation!

Student Center 

Students get to enjoy the same benefits as professional members at a much lower dues rate, and they can participate in numerous networking, leadership development and skill-building opportunities designed just for them, such as student-focused sessions and student competitions at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo. Student members also are eligible for various scholarships and fellowships as well as student achievement awards.

Terminology Access 

Looking for the definition of a technical concept that you know you can’t find in just any dictionary? Search IISE’s online terminology guide – a dictionary of industrial engineering terms. More than 12,000 entries have been compiled from the latest edition of Industrial Engineering Terminology.

Affinity Program Discounts 

National companies, such as UPS and Liberty Mutual offer discounts to you through your membership; and, in turn, they provide a percentage of revenue back to the IISE Foundation, which funds student scholarships and fellowships. When you use these great services, you help yourself and IISE.

Add it up. Your membership in IISE pays for itself hundreds of times over through networking, conferences, seminars, social networking, publications, job support and much more. It’s all to ensure your professional development, and you don’t have to be an industrial engineer to take advantage of it. But you do have to be an IISE member. Join today.

Working on Your Behalf

Your membership helps support IISE programs that benefit the whole profession:

Elevates the image and prominence of industrial engineers. By bestowing awards that recognize the achievements of prominent ISEs, taking part in high-profile events such as National Engineers Week and working on campaigns that put industrial engineering in the minds of the public, IISE raises the awareness of contributions made by industrial engineers.

Ensures the continued value of an industrial or systems engineering degree. Through funding and volunteer training, IISE provides ABET accreditation of educational institutions, which ensures the ongoing value of an industrial engineering degree. To support professional engineering licensure, IISE provides test question evaluation as well as test preparation classes.

Supports industrial and systems engineering education. Scholarships, technical competitions, educational colloquia and diversity programs are aimed at helping undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who study industrial and systems engineering so they’ll be successful in their chosen career.

Promotes engineering as a career. Partnering with high-school teachers, career counselors and even elementary schools, IISE offers a way for young people to see their future in engineering.

IISE Leadership:
How We Are Organized

A volunteer-driven association, the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers relies on its Board of Trustees—elected from and by the membership—to provide leadership and overall direction to all IISE activities and operations.

A professional administrative staff provides operational
support and development as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Additional leadership is provided by boards and committees
made up of volunteer members like you.
Are you a hands-on, get-involved person?
Find out more about how to volunteer with IISE at http://www.iise.org/volunteer.