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Lean Production Simplified, Second Edition
A Plain-Language Guide to the World's Most Powerful Production System
Author:  Pascal Dennis
Published by:  Productivity Press, 2007
Shingo Prize winner for Excellence in Manufacturing Research, 2006
Soft Cover, 192 Pages, U.S. $32.42

Article by Ryan Underdown on the book:
Lean Production Simplified is a concise book covering the basics of lean production that won the Shingo Prize in 2006. Dennis begins by covering the history of manufacturing and lean production. Chapter two covers the basic concepts of lean production, which prepares the reader for the remainder of the book. Chapters three and four discuss fundamental lean topics such as 5S, total productive maintenance, and standardized work. The heart of Dennis’s book is chapter five, which covers just-in-time, pull system, kanban, and value stream mapping. Chapters five through eight discuss the human side of lean including the importance of involving people in implementing lean, culture changes and planning. Lean Production Simplified is best suited for those who are curious about lean, but have not been exposed to the basic concepts. It is written in plain language that appeals to a wide reading audience.

The chapters include: 

  • Chapter 1: The Birth of Lean Production
  • Chapter 2: The Lean Production System Stability
  • Chapter 3: Standardized Work
  • Chapter 4: Just-ln-Time
  • Chapter 5: Jidoka
  • Chapter 6: Involvement The Wind That Fills the Sail
  • Chapter 7: Hoshin Planning
  • Chapter 8: The Culture of Lean Production