Required Reports and Deadlines

There are three reports required from the host chapter:

  • The preliminary agenda and preliminary budget. Due Oct. 15. Sample agenda | Sample budget 
  • The final agenda and final budget is due two weeks before the conference.
  • The final report is due two weeks after the conference, with the exception of the first, second and third place winners of the technical paper competition-region level within two days. Please send to Kathy GamboaVery important: Please include the school, host chapter, student chair, faculty advisor and the date for next year's university region conference.

These reports allow IISE to provide guidance and support to your chapter in organizing the conference, to track your progress, and to document the success of the conference. It is in your chapter's best interest, and the best interest of the student members in your region, to complete the necessary paperwork on time so that you can receive the full support (including financial support) of IISE.

Immediately after the host chapter committee is appointed, the faculty advisor or the host committee chair must inform Faisal Aqlan, VP of student development and Kathy Gamboa, IISE headquarters. An email will suffice. However, the conference's final report must include this information as well:

  • Oct. 15: The dates of the conference and the preliminary budget should be emailed to Kathy Gamboa. Upon approval, the chapter will receive one third of the custodial fund for their region.
  • Nov. 15: Schools attending a conference outside their region should notify the host chapter and Faisal Aqlan.
  • Four weeks prior to the conference: The host chapter must have all entries to the technical paper contest. All entries must be submitted to the host chapter in triplicate.
  • Two weeks before the conference: A final budget should be sent to Kathy Gamboa. Upon approval, the chapter will receive the second third of the custodial fund that is available to them.
  • Two days after the conference: The first, second and third place winners, school and an electronic version of their papers must be submitted to Kathy Gamboa.
  • One week after the conference: The final report Final Summary Report of the conference should be sent to Kathy Gamboa, with the first, second and third place winners of the technical paper competition-region level, along with next year's host chapter no more than one week after the conference. The final report should include:
    • A copy of the package distributed at the time of registration.
    • A summary of conference activities.
    • Names, schools, and titles of the technical paper award winners.
    • A list of attendees by schools in an Excel spreadsheet. Please include at least names and email addresses.
    • Suggestions for future conference programs.
    • The name of the host school for next two years (or updated rotational schedule, if one has been established).

IISE staff and volunteers thank you for your hard work. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Kathy Gamboa or Faisal Aqlan.