IISE Assistance


The region vice president is your volunteer resource for help with the University Region Conference. He or she can help with ideas for funding and programming. You may also want to ask the region vice president to take part in the event as a speaker or as a judge in the Technical Paper Competition.

Another excellent source is the vice president for student development. He/she can answer any questions you may have about the conference logistics and about IISE funding.

The senior chapters in the participating regions can also assist. The host chapter may receive monetary and in-kind donations (goods and/or services) from the senior chapter members, as well as the senior chapter itself. The local chapter can also be a good resource for speakers and technical paper judges.

Contact information 

Faculty Advisors

The faculty advisor of your chapter is the one source within the department who has the responsibility to guide you and help you with the conference. You should:

  • Invite them to the first conference committee meeting.
  • Keep them informed of the results of the conference committee meeting.
  • Keep them abreast of the status of the conference planning and progress.
  • Seek them guidance to find contacts, speakers, and sponsors.


Two dollars and ten cents of each student's dues payment goes into the University Region Conference Custodial fund from which the host chapter is provided partial funding for the conference. The host chapter must cover the remaining expenses with donations and funding of their own, including a nominal registration fee charged to attending students and faculty.

Careful planning is essential for a successful conference. Your budget is your financial plan for the conference. To get the funding from the custodial fund, you must submit:

A preliminary budget
A final budget, listing all income and expenses expected, to the chapter operations administrator at IISE headquarters.

Funding from the University Conference Custodial Fund is made available to the host chapter only when the vice president for student development approves the budget. The balance in each region's custodial fund account is never allowed to fall below 20 percent of the total funds in the account. The remaining eighty percent is made available to the host chapter, to be distributed as follows:

  • One third upon approval of the preliminary budget due Oct. 15.
  • One third upon approval of the final budget, due Feb. 1 or 2 weeks before the conference (which ever comes first).
  • One third upon receipt of the final report, due two weeks after the conference.

Note: If you fail to submit paperwork as required, the checks will be delayed.