Website Banner Advertising

Banner ads can drive traffic to your website or landing page of your choice and allow dynamic and time-sensitive promotion as well as enhance your company's image and brand awareness throughout the year. Use them as standalones or in conjunction with IISE publications and communication pieces to demonstrate the value of your products or services.

The Leaderboard position is now available in five different sizes to guarantee your message is viewable on any computer, tablet, or mobile device.The medium rectangle size highlights your message adjacent to IISE's content.

Drive traffic directly to your website with a branded ad about your company's products or services

Website monthly averages: 

  • 350,000+ page views 
  • 66,000+ sessions 
  • 51,000+ users 

Web visitors spend 3 minutes 16 seconds per visit and view an average of 4.9 pages. 

Note: Google Analytics now uses "sessions" instead of "visits" and "users" instead of "unique visits." The metrics for these categories has not changed.

Banner Ads - Maximum file size 150 KB


Large Leaderboard - Create different versions of your ad with various size breakpoints.                     
(static ad and animated .gif accepted)

a. Desktop = 970px X 90px

b. Desktop/Tablet = 728px X 90px

c. Tablet = 468px X 60px

d. Phone = 320px X 50px

e. Phone = 300px X 50px

$2,300 per month

Medium Rectangle - 300px X 250px
(static ad only)

$1,800 per month

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