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Staying Lean, Second Edition
Professor Peter Hines, Dr Pauline Found, Gary Griffiths and Richard Harrison
Published by: CRC Press/Productivity Press

Soft Cover, 259 Pages, U.K. £25.99 or U.S. $39.95

This book is written for all those individuals and companies that are applying a lean approach. The first edition of this publication received a Shingo Research & Professional Publication Prize in 2009. Explaining how to create and sustain a lean business, it followed Cogent Power’s early journey. This new edition explores how the journey continued after several senior managers moved on, steel prices fell and the credit crisis struck. Did they manage to thrive, not just survive?

The chapters include:

Section I: The Journey to Lean

1. Lean Vision and Principles
2. Company Background

Section II: Below the Waterline

3. Strategy & Alignment
4. Leadership
5. Behavior & Engagement

Section III: Above the Waterline

6. Processes
7. Technology, Tools and Techniques

Section IV: The Road from Push to Pull

8. Route to Lean
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