Transformation in the Age of Turbulence, Introduction to the 2012 IIE Enterprise Transformation Conference, April 2-4 in Atlanta 

Presenter: Michael Oliff, The Phoenix Performance Group

Today, large and small organizations face complex and critical challenges to increase competitiveness, reduce costs, and improve effectiveness. They invest billions of dollars every year in business improvements that are often not successful. Understanding the factors involved in an improvement process is not enough; success depends on developing and executing strategies for enterprise-level change. Implementation is key. Successful enterprise transformations involve a systems-wide approach that integrates viewpoints of multiple stakeholders, methods and tools.

This webinar is a preview of the Enterprise Transformation Conference that will show you how to align people, processes and technology initiatives within an organization. It will provide the essential knowledge and skills businesses need to change, maintain and gain a competitive edge through new business strategies that have been proven to endure throughout economic challenges. It brings together leaders from some of the most successful companies and organizations who will discuss their experiences in enterprise transformation. The conference provides a forum for sharing best practices to help organizations succeed in today’s challenging and turbulent environment.

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