Z94.12.7 Welding

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WEAVE BEAD. A type of weld bead made with transverse oscillation.

WELD. A localized coalescence of metal wherein coalescence is produced either by heating to suitable temperatures, with or without the application of pressure, or by the application of pressure alone, and with or without the use of filler metal. The filler metal either has a melting point approximately the same as the base metals or has a melting point below that of the base metals but above 800°F (427°C).

WELDABILITY. The capacity of a metal to be welded under the fabrication conditions imposed into a specific, suitably designed structure and to perform satisfactorily in the intended service.

WELD BEAD. A weld deposit resulting from a pass.

WELDER. One who is capable of performing a manual or semiautomatic welding operation. (Sometimes erroneously used to denote a welding machine.).

WELDER CERTIFICATION. Certification in writing that a welder has produced welds meeting prescribed standards.

WELDER QUALIFICATION. The demonstration of a welder's ability to produce welds meeting prescribed standards.

WELD GAUGE. A device designed for checking the shape and size of welds.

WELDING CURRENT. The current in the welding circuit during the making of a weld. In resistance welding, the current used during a preweld or postweld interval is excluded.

WELDING GOGGLES. Goggles with tinted lenses, used during welding, brazing, or oxygen cutting, which protect the eyes from harmful radiation and flying particles.

WELDING MACHINE. Equipment used to perform the welding operation. For example, spot-welding machine, arc-welding machine, seam-welding machine, etc.

WELDING OPERATION.  (Sometimes erroneously used to denote a welding machine.)

WELDING PROCEDURE. The detailed methods and practices including all joint welding procedures involved in the production of a weldment.

WELDING ROD. A form of filler metal used for welding or brazing wherein the filler metal does not conduct the electrical current.

WELDING TRANSFORMER. A transformer used for supplying current for welding.

WELDMENT. An assembly whose component parts are joined by welding.

WELD METAL. That portion of a weld which has been melted during welding.

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