Z94.12.7 Welding

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TACK WELD. A weld made to hold parts of a weldment in proper alignment until the final welds are made.

TEE JOINT. A joint between two members located approximately at right angles to each other in the form of a T.

TEMPER TIME. That part of the postweld interval following quench time to the beginning of hold time in resistance welding.

THERMIT WELDING. A group of welding processes wherein coalescence is produced by heating with super heated liquid metal and slag resulting from a chemical reaction between a metal oxide and aluminum, with or without the application of pressure. Filler metal, when used, is obtained from the liquid metal.

THROAT OF A FILLET WELD. Theoretical - the distance from the beginning of the root of the joint perpendicular to the hypotenuse of the largest right-triangle that can be inscribed within the fillet-weld cross section. Actual - the shortest distance from the root of a fillet weld to its face.

TOE OF WELD. The junction between the face of a weld and the base metal.

TORCH BRAZING. A brazing process in which the heat required is furnished by a gas flame.

TUNGSTEN ELECTRODE. A nonfiller-metal electrode used in arc welding, made principally of tungsten.

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