Z94.12.6 Plastics

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JOINT. The location at which two adherends are held together with a layer of adhesive. (See BOND.)

JOINT, BUTT. A type of edge joint in which the edge faces of the two adherends are at right angles to the other faces of the adherends.

JOINT, EDGE. A joint made by bonding the edge faces of two adherends with adhesives.

JOINT, LAP. A joint made by placing one adherend partly over another and bonding together the overlapped portions.

JOINT, SCARF. A joint made by cutting away similar angular segments of two adherends and bonding the adherends with the cut areas fitted together.

JOINT, STARVED. A joint which has an insufficient amount of adhesive to produce a satisfactory bond. This condition may result from too thin a spread to fill the gap between the adherends, excessive penetration of the adhesive into the adherend, too short an assembly time, or the use of excessive pressure.

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