Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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WATER-JET MACHINING. High pressure jets of water used in various processes such as cutting, and deburring. Water pressure of 1,000 psi at the nozzle is common.

WAVINESS. This consists of recurrent widespread irregularities in the form of waves on which roughness is superimposed.


WHEEL, GRINDING. A straight or formed abrasive tool which is rotated to remove metal during the grinding process.

WIRE FEED MACHINE. A numerically controlled EDM machine that uses copper or brass wire for electrode. Cutting much like the band saw, the wire cuts any electrical conductive material.

WORK HOLDING DEVICES. The tooling which is needed to hold workpieces either stationary or moving to perform machining operations.

WORM. A gear with one or more teeth in the form of screw thread.

WORM GEAR. A gear mating with a worm.

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