Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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PITCH IN GEARS. Distance between corresponding points on equally spaced and adjacent teeth.

PITCH IN THREADS. The pitch of a thread having uniform spacing is the distance, measured parallel to its axis, between corresponding points on adjacent thread forms in the same axial plane and on the same side of the axis.

PLASMA ARC-CUTTING. An arc-cutting process wherein severing of the metal is obtained by melting a localized area with a constricted arc and removing the molten material with a high velocity jet of hot, ionized gas issuing from the orifice.

POINT, DRILL. The cutting end of the drill, made up of the ends of the lands, the web, and the lips. In form, it resembles a cone, but it departs from a true cone to furnish clearance behind the cutting lips.

POWDER METALLURGY. A process wherein fine metal powders are blended, pressed into a desired shape (compacted), and then heated (sintered) in a controlled atmosphere at a temperature below the melting point of the major constituent for sufficient time to bond the contacting surfaces of the particles and establish desired properties. The process, commonly designated as P/M.

PROFILE, SURFACE. This describes the contour of any specified cross section of the surface. It discloses waviness, roughness, and flaws.

PROFILOMETER, SURFACE. An electronic instrument which measures the average surface roughness in microinches, either the root mean square (RMS) or the arithmetic average (AA).

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