Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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OBLIQUE CUTTING. An occasionally used term to define the three dimensional cutting operation as opposed to orthogonal cutting.

OFFHAND GRINDING. Grinding work that is held in the operator's hand, also known as freehand grinding.

OPTIMUM CUTTING SPEED. The speed to optimize a machining objective such as minimum machining cost or minimum production time.

ORTHOGONAL CUTTING. Two dimensional cutting operations where all the mechanics of cutting are modelled in one plane.

OUT-OF-ROUND. Having some points on the profile (internal or external cylinders) not equidistant from the common center.

OXIDES. These tool materials consist primarily of fine-grained aluminum oxide (Al2O3) particles which are bonded together. They are mainly supplied in indexable inserts and possess high abrasion resistance and hot hardness. They usually are referred to as ceramic tools.

OXYFUEL GAS CUTTING. Instead of shearing, many metals are cut by oxyfuel gas cutting. The metal is merely melted by means of the flame of the oxyfuel gas torch. Acetylene is the most commonly used gas.

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