Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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LAPPING. Slow-speed abrasive finishing process used on flat or cylindrical surfaces. The lap is usually made of cast iron, copper or cloth. The abrasive particles are either embedded in the lap or they may be carried through a fluid. Very smooth surface finish can be obtained by this process.

LASER BEAM CUTTING. Cutting of metal using the laser device as source of energy.

LATHES. Machine tools used mainly for turning, boring, and facing operations. There is a large variety: engine lathe, turret lathe, Swiss machines, bar machines.

LAY. The direction of the predominate surface pattern.

LIMITS. The extreme permissible values of a dimension.

LIPS. The cutting edges of a two-flute drill extending from the chisel edge to the periphery.

LOADED GRINDING WHEEL. A condition where the porosities on the surface of the wheel become filled or clogged with chips during grinding. This condition hampers the performance of the wheel.


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