Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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FACING. The production of a flat surface when the cutting tool moves perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece.

FACE MILLING. The production of a flat or slotted surface when employing a shank-mounted cutter.

FEED, FEED RATE. The relative movement between the tool and the workpiece as the tool transverses to perform the machining operation.

FINISHING. All kinds of machining operations to produce fine surface finish and usually produce accurate dimensions.

FIT. The relationship existing between two mating parts with respect to the amount of clearance or interference which is present when they are assembled.

FIXTURE. A device for holding the workpiece.

FLANK WEAR. The wear on the side or flank of the cutting tool which is mainly due to the continuous contact between the tool and the workpiece. It is usually measured by the height of the relatively uniform area of wear.

FLAWS. The irregularities of any sort that occur at relatively infrequent intervals.

FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM (FMS). An assembly of several programmable machine tools interconnected by work manipulators and controlled by a host computer.

FLYING CUTTING. Milling operations where the milling cutter has one cutting edge.

FORM MILLING. The production of a nonlinear surface when employing an arbor-mounted cutter.

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