Z94.12.4 Metal Forming

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NATURAL AGING. Spontaneous aging of a supersaturated solid solution at room temperature.

NECKING DOWN. Reduction in area concentrated at the subsequent fracture when a ductile metal is tested in tension.

NECKING FAILURE. The failure of a formed part by thinning abruptly in a narrow localized area. An extreme case of necking failure is splitting.

NITROGEN DIE CYLINDERS. Commercially available gas-charged cylinders manufactured specifically for die applications. These cylinders are used in place of springs or die cushions in applications in which high initial pressure is required, usually in draw, form, and cam dies. Uniformity of pressure is attained by linking cylinders to an accumulator.

NORMALIZING. A process in which a ferrous alloy is heated to a suitable temperature above the transformation range and is subsequently cooled in still air at room temperature, usually done for stress relieving.

NOSING. The act of forming a curved portion, with reduced diameters, at the end of a tubular part.

NOTCHING. The cutting out of various shapes from the edge of a strip, blank, or part.

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