Z94.12.4 Metal Forming

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GAGE, BACK-GAGE. A bar or fingers (located behind the press brake) which can be positioned accurately and quickly so that a sheet inserted into the press brake for bending is positioned to make a bend at the desired point.

GALLING. The friction-induced roughness of two metal surfaces in direct sliding contact.

GAP FRAME. Frame with a cutout to allow slitting or notching.

GIBS. Guides or shoes which ensure the proper parallelism, squareness, and sliding fit between press components such as the slide and frame. They are usually adjustable to compensate for wear and to establish operating clearance.

GOOSENECK PUNCH. A punch that permits making deep, narrow channels, because its shape permits the flange to bend beyond the centerline of the ram. The upper die is relieved on one side past the centerline, to provide clearance for previously formed blanks.

GUARD. A barrier that physically prevents entry of the operator's hands or fingers into a point of operation. (Explanation: In ANSI Standard B11.1 and OSHA requirements, the use of the word guard is reserved exclusively for referring to physical barriers or enclosures designed for safeguarding at the point of operation.) In contrast, a device may be electronic in nature or of a restraining type.

GUERIN FORMING. A method of forming in which the metal is forced to conform to the shape of a male die by the application of a hydrostatic force of confined rubber.

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