The Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering

Sponsored by The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, University of Central Florida, represented by Dr. Waldemar Karwowski, Pegasus Professor and Chair

Honors a single innovative technical contribution to the industrial engineering profession that may be recognized in any of several forms, including theory, design, application, implementation and leadership, to name a few.


IISE members and non-members. Members of the IISE Board of Trustees and Honors Steering Committee are ineligible.


Normally, one award is conferred annually to a single candidate or to two or more candidates involved in a single innovative technical contribution. Candidates must have distinguished themselves in one of the following ways:

  • Significantly expanded the body of knowledge associated with a functional area of industrial engineering through theoretical development or innovative application constituting a major new concept, tool, or technique.
  • Established or adapted, through work and reputation, a body of knowledge new to industrial engineering such that it is accepted theoretically or successfully implemented in industry, thus expanding the traditional IE universe.
  • Provided exceptional technical leadership in a major interdisciplinary project.

Nomination process:

  1. Complete and return the nomination form.
  2. Three letters of recommendation should be limited to a maximum of two pages each.
  3. The nomination form, the nominator's letter and CV package should be limited to 12 pages.
  4. The entire nomination packet should be no more than 18 pages total.