Z94.12.2 Foundry/Casting

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EJECTOR MARKS. Marks left on castings by ejector pins.

ELECTRIC FURNACE. A furnace for industrial purposes, either melting or heat-treating, in which the heat source is an electric current.

EROSION SCAB. A casting defect which occurs when the molten metal has been agitated, boiled, or has partially eroded the sand in the mold, leaving a solid mass of sand and metal at that particular spot.

EXOTHERMIC RISER SLEEVE. A riser sleeve which is made of a material which liberates heat upon contact with molten alloy. Riser toppings are frequently composed of similar materials.

EXPANSION SCAB. Rough thin layer of metal partially separated from the body of the casting by a thin layer of sand, and held in place by a thin vein of metal, usually resulting in an indentation in the casting, caused by spalling of the mold face.

EXPENDABLE PATTERN. A pattern that is destroyed in making a casting. It is usually made of wax or foamed plastic.

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