Z94.2 - Anthropometry & Biomechanics: Anthropometry Section

Intro to Anthropometry | Dynamic/Functional Dimension Terms | Static Dimension Terms | Reference Plates | Glossary

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Editorial Note: Definitions in this section are treated differently from those in the other sections, with a diagrammatic instead of strictly alphabetical listing. Anthropometry terms can be found alphabetically in the overall index. When a term is indexed as being in the Anthropometry section, the reader should refer to at least one – if not all – of the three listings in this chapter: Dimensional Terminology, Plate List, and Cross Reference List. The reader should also refer to the Glossary.


Plate Reference List


Plate No. I

Plate No. II

Plate No. III

Plate No. IV

Plate No. V

Plate No. VI

Plate No. VII

Plate No. VIII

Plate No. IX


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