Z94.17 - Work Design and Measurement

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GAINSHARING. The term used to denote any plan for sharing productivity gains with employees, including small group and individual incentives and other pay for performance practices.

GAINSHARING PLANS. Group, department or company-wide bonus systems designed to reward all eligible members for improved performance. Gains are shared with all employees in the unit according to a predetermined formula or target (several measures may be included in the formula). Examples of common gain sharing plans are Scanlon, Rucker, IMPROSHARE®; may include cash profit sharing.


GANTT CHART. A graphic representation on a time scale of the current relationship between actual and planned performance.


GRAVITY FEED. The principle of using the force of gravity to convey materials from one location to another by having them fall, slide or roll downward and laterally.

GRIEVANCE. A formal complaint or expressed dissatisfaction by an employee relating to a job, pay, or other employment factors. Methods in how it is handled depends upon policies for handling grievances in a union or non union plant.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE.  It is the procedure that is defined and handled as specified steps. 

GROUP. Used in connection with other words referring to a type of activity. Refers to more than one person working together to accomplish a task.

GUARANTEE. A minimum rate of pay under incentives which is paid regardless of lower productivity, normally it is a time rate for a job upon which compensation for work is calculated.

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