People, Process, Technology – The Three Elements for a Successful Organizational Transformation

Presenters: Sreekanth Ramakrishman, advisory engineer/scientist & learning specialist, IBM Center for Learning and Development; Michael Testani, learning consultant, portfolio manager & master black belt, IBM Center for Learning and Development

Far too often business transformation efforts concentrate on the process improvement strategies and business process reengineering; while essentially ignoring the people aspect of the change initiative. Subsequently, these transformation initiatives do not achieve their desired results. Studies have shown that approximately three quarters of business re-engineering efforts do not achieve their objectives and subsequently do not sustain themselves over the long term, and one of the most commonly sited reasons for their failing is due to the lack of focus on the organization’s culture. The webinar describes the Path Forward Business Transformation methodology that focuses on developing critical organizational competencies around organizational culture transformation and process improvement; resulting in a more effective and sustainable change effort.

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