Z94.13 - Occupational Health & Safety

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JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS. The breaking down into its component parts of any method or procedure to determine the hazards connected therewith and the requirements or qualifications of those who are to perform it. A method for studying a job in order to: (a) identify hazards or potential accidents associated with each step or task, and (b) develop solutions  that will eliminate, nullify, or prevent such hazards or accidents.

JOB SAFETY TRAINING. Training associated with or emphasizing the safety aspects of a job and the hazards of tasks and their interrelationships within a job.

JUDGMENT. The allowance or disallowance of a claim.

JURISDICTION. The power of a court to hear and decide a cause of action, having power over both the parties of the action and the subject matter thereof.

JUST CAUSE. Good or fair reasons for discipline. This term is commonly used in agreement provisions safeguarding workers from unjustified discharge or other punishment.

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