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WAIT TIME. The time that a job spends waiting to be moved or waiting to be worked on in the shop.

WASTE HANDLING SYSTEM. System used to collect, move, store and dispose of process waste.

WINDUP. Colloquial temm describing the twisting of a shaf' under torsional load, so called because the twist usually unwinds, sometimes causing vibration or other negative effects.

WORD LENGTH. The number of bits in a word. In PC literature these are generally only data bits. One PC word equals sixteen data bits.

WORK CENTER. (1) An administrative or accounting subdivision of a department. (2) A specific production facility which may consist of one or more persons or machines.

WORK COORDINATES. The coordinate system with reference to the work-piece jig, or fixture.

WORK ELEMENT. In process planning, a single task to be perfommed that cannot be subdivided.

WORKING ENVELOPE. The set of points representing the maximum extent or reach of the robot hand or working tool in all directions.

WORK-IN-PROCESS (WIP). Products in various stages of completion throughout the production cycle, including raw material that has been released for initial processing and completely processed material awaiting final inspection and acceptance as finished product.

WORK-PIECE. Any part in any stage of manufacture prior to its becoming a finished part.

WORK STATION. Manufacturing unit consisting of one or more numerically controlled machine tools serviced by a transport system. In assembly, the space assigned to one worker and his/her supply of materials.

WORLD COORDINATES. The coordinate system with reference to the machine pedestal, frame, or the shop floor.

WORLD MODE. In robotics, the use of a coordinate system with its origin at the base of the robot.

WORM GEAR. A short screw-like gear that mates to a secondary gear whose axis of rotation is perpendicular to and offset from that of the short screw. When the screw is turned, it drives the gear in rotation.

WRIST. The manipulator arm joint to which a hand or end effector is attached.

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