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JIG. A device that holds and locates a workpiece and also guides, controls, or limits one or more cutting tools. (See FIXTURE).

JOB ASSIGNMENT. Assignment of an employee to a machine or team, or of a job to a machine, employee, or team.

JOB SHOP. A discrete parts manufacturing facility characterized by a high mix of products of relatively low volume production in batch lots where work is carried out in functional areas made up of like manufacturing processes.

JOB STATUS. The stage of activity toward a defined task or responsibility at any given time. May be a measurement against scheduled requirements of an overall task or plan.

JOINT. (1) Rotary or linear articulation. (2) Axis of rotational or translational (sliding) degree-of-freedom of manipulator arm.

JOINT MODE. Robot motion mode in which the arm motions are defined by, and motion occurs in, joint angles.

JOINT SPACE. The vector that specifies the angular or translational displacement of each joint of a multidegree-of-freedom linkage relative to a reference displacement for each such joint.

JOYSTICK. A movable handle that a human operator may grasp and rotate to a limited extent in one or more degrees of freedom and whose variable position or applied force is measured, resulting in commands to a control system.

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