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Decarbonizing Supermarket Refrigeration by Applying Systems Thinking Combining IOT & Machine Learning (AI)

Presenter: David Reitz, Dehon Group
Nov. 29

This webinar discusses details of a systems engineering approach that has pioneered a high ROI impactful technology combining iOT and Machine Learning to reduce releases of HFC refrigerants that are up to 4000x more potent than CO2 in causing global warming. The presentation will cover

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Lean Process Improvements and Project Delivery Initiatives at Massachusetts Port Authority

Presenters: Dr. Luciana Bardi and Darcy DeGeorge

MassPort is a state authority responsible for three airports including Logan International Airport, four maritime facilities as well as real estate in Boston. MassPort has been a leading advocate for the implementation of Lean Engineering and Construction. They have also implemented lean process improvements in their internal operations. In 2022, they received the Excellence in Sustainable Development Award from the Sustainable Development Division. This webinar will provide a overview of the lean process improvements that were implemented and the results and impact of their improvements on the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. MassPort’s efforts had a direct impact on Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and indirect impacts on several other goals.

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Sustainability Footprint-Handprint Workshop at UniValle Colombia

Presenters: Dr. Nelson A. Granda Marulanda and Prof. Jasmina Burek

This webcast  is a workshop offered in Spanish for the Latin-American community. It was developed by the presenters, Dr. Jasmina Burek and Dr. Nelson Granda. Participants will learn about the carbon footprint and the handprint methodology as well as the importance of pursuing a Net Positive footprint to reduce our environmental impact. This is an interactive workshop where the participants will work in teams to develop a handprint measurement in the case of a traditional day of a university student.

Process Improvement Nonprofit Volunteering with Local IISE Chapters

The Sustainable Development Division has been coordinating a volunteer service project at a local nonprofit prior to each IISE Annual Conference since 2013. But after we leave our suggestions, what happens the rest of the year? 

Membership Engagement Project

The presenters who are part of IISE's Sustainability Division have been pursuing expert level certification for continual improvement for social responsibility. This webinar will discuss their goal during the project they completed for certification of increasing the membership growth and engagement.

Career Benefits Through Non-Profit Leadership

This presentation will outline the author’s background with non-profit organizations, illustrate the type of roles and help needed within these organizations, and show the audience the types of experience and additional skills that can be gained through working in these roles.  

Optimizing Sustainability Systems: Meaningful Metrics, Collaboration and Student Empowerment in Higher Education

This webinar will highlight metrics, processes, and approaches to successfully achieve and exceed sustainability benchmarks in higher education. It will specifically look at how tools like sustainability, tracking, rating and assessment system (STARS) support sound decision-making.

Life Cycle Assessment Methods: Need for Climate Change Communication (3C)

This webinar will provide an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods from practicality, accuracy and scope perspectives, as well as how to achieve better and more effective communication among stakeholders.

Adding Sustainable Development to Your Resume

The evolving importance of sustainability and the recent adoption of the United Nation's sustainable development goals created the need for qualified people to lead and support integrated systemic changes that balance technical, economic and social requirements.

Exposing Undergraduate IE Students to Sustainability & Sustainable Manufacturing Principles

This webinar focuses on opportunities and methods to integrate sustainability philosophies in manufacturing education initiating discussions of how to successfully offer sustainability and sustainable manufacturing education opportunities to undergraduate students.

Getting Green Done: An Airline Perspective

This webinar will focus on real-life (and somewhat humorous) stories about innovations, learning and best practices with regard to initiating and implementing a corporate sustainability program including tips and lessons learned for organizations interested in publishing their first sustainability report. 

Measuring ROI on Sustainability Investments

An introduction to Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI). This exciting webinar will introduce you to the basics of S-ROI. More and more companies are investing in sustainability. Many of these investments payoff in visible ways — energy and waste reduction, for example, reduce environmental impacts and costs at the same time. Some social investments payoff in reduced advertising costs or even increased sales.

BUILDER - Sustainable Management System Tool

This webinar focused on a sustainment management system (BUILDER SMS) tool to catalog inventories and utilizes deterioration algorithms that accurately predict future funding requirements to economically sustain facility capabilities. The BUILDER SMS tool is applicable to those interested in incorporating a more sustainable methodology to proactively manage either a single facility or a portfolio of facilities.

Using Lean and Six Sigma to Reduce Electricity at a Large Manufacturing Facility

Learn how Lean and Six Sigma techniques were used to assist a large manufacturing facility with electricity reduction. A top-down statistical regression analysis was used to identify focus areas, and a bottoms-up "Go and See" event format was used to engage employees in seeing energy waste.

Industrial Engineering and Sustainability 

This webinar will be one of a series of webinars offered by the IIE Sustainable Development Division. In this introductory webinar, our presenters will be explaining the vision and mission of the Sustainable Development Division, the purpose of the webinar series the role of industrial engineering in sustainability.

Pursuing Process Excellence: How to Sustain Your Improvement Efforts 

Many organizations struggle to sustain their Six Sigma, lean tools, or other operational excellence focused initiatives. This webinar will provide you with an overview of how to take these approaches beyond the typical project team and training-based initiatives by changing your existing work systems to make process excellence part of every employee's job.