Simulation – Webinar archive

Algenol is a global, industrial biotechnology company that is commercializing its patented algae technology platform for production of ethanol using proprietary cyanobacteria, sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater. The technology is designed to utilize the output CO2 stream from industrial sources to produce fuel.

Accessible simulation methods to support healthcare improvements 

While simulation has been widely applied by the academic community in healthcare, it is by no means routinely used to support decision-making. In this webinar, presenters from the U.S. and U.K. health systems give testimony to new and exciting tools and techniques that are making simulation more accessible to healthcare practitioners.

Model-based Decision Support: Taking Simulation to the Next Level

In this webinar, the presenter discusses Model-Based Decision Support (MBDS) and how it can be used to improve system performance by providing forward visibility into the detailed operations of the system.

Simulation in the Process Industries

This webinar will review the need for simulation in the process industries and discuss specific simulation applications and why they are valuable to company operations. It will also discuss how simulation modeling in the process industries sometimes differs from modeling for discrete parts manufacturing and service industries.  Finally, the webinar will go over some practical considerations and approaches for doing simulation modeling in the process industries.

The Case for Simulation Modeling

Fortini was looking to evaluate some sub-processes with decision support tools. After selecting simulation as the tool of choice, he has embraced the technology and has successfully used it to make improvements at Pepsi Americas. He’ll present his experience with using simulation in his organization.

Warehouse Simulations: Discreetly Saving Time and Money

Gallahar presents how he used Arena within Johns Manville to improve the effiicencies of their warehouses. 

When Should I Use Simulation? Choosing the Right Process Improvement Tool for Your Project

With the evolution of process improvement software, it can be difficult to decide the right tool for the job. Using something too powerful and complex can be a lengthy and unnecessary process, but underestimating the depth of analysis required and choosing something too simplistic early in a project can result in repeated work later. So when is simulation the right tool for your project?