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HARMONIC DRIVE. A gearing system in which one gear rotates within another, the two differing slightly in number of teeth, found in SCARA systems.

HEURISTIC. Pertaining to exploratory methods of problem solving in which solutions are discovered by evaluation of the progress made toward the final result. Contrast with algorithm.

HIERARCHICAL CONTROL. A distributed control technique in which the controlling processes are arranged in a hierarchy.

HOMOGENEOUS TRANSFORM. In robotics, a square transform matrix developed for a particular class of robots, used in computing a new spatial position and orientation vectors of a robot joint or work-piece.

HOST. Common term for a computer which serves as a supervisor or file server to one or more automated machines.

HUMAN FACTORS. The study of human aspects of systems focusing primarily on cognitive and sensory processes. (See ERGONOMICS).

HYDRAULIC MOTOR. An actuator consisting of interconnected valves or pistons that convert high-pressure hydraulic or pneumatic fluid into mechanical shaft rotation.

HYSTERESIS. (1) The lagging of a physical response of a body behind its cause. (2) The asymmetry of the force/ displacement relationship in one direction compared to that of another direction.

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