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Scientific Leadership – The Solution to Dysfunctional Strategy Execution

This webinar defines the concept of Scientific Leadership and provides tips and resources to help companies transition into a more effective leadership model. Historically, leadership has been considered more of an art than a science. Leaders are selected based on purely subjective factors. This webinar challenges this misconception and presents a scientific approach to leadership, demystifying a long-standing view of what it means to lead and how.

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A Systems Model for Sustainable Lean: Implementation, Support Infrastructure and Support Workforce

Presented by the Operational Excellence (OpEx) Division
Feb. 18, 10 a.m. ET
Presenter: Dr. Rupy Sawhney

A proposed decomposition to analyze Operational Excellence considers the variables within implementation alignment, supporting infrastructure, operations, and employee well-being, through a relationship with their effects on process variation, disruption, and flow. Therefore, leadership must align Operational Excellence efforts with employee well-being with a conscious effort to enhance their quality of life. This webinar presents a framework and the principles of servant leadership to achieve this alignment.

Lean Manufacturing Laboratory for Hands-on Learning in Industrial Engineering

Dunwoody College of Technology has established a unique lean manufacturing laboratory to provide hands-on learning experience to its School of Engineering students. The objective to setup the laboratory is to provide students an experience of industry like environment in an academic setting.

This webinar describes the process of setting up the lean manufacturing laboratory, the activities conducted each week, along with discussing the challenges, potential solutions and key lessons learnt.

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ELSS - Healthcare Systems Engineering and Practice Optimization at Mayo Clinic

Making care more affordable while improving the quality of care is one complex aim of healthcare systems engineering. At Mayo Clinic the Practice Optimization and Acceleration (POA) Program serves as the central point of contact for process improvement initiatives. Areas with opportunities for improvement are selected and multidisciplinary teams are formed to collaboratively work on practice redesign towards a new standard of care.

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ELSS - Best Practices and Tools for Using Standards in Your Lean Process

This webinar will teach you best practices and applications for work measurement and labor standards management. Understand how these techniques can improve your processes. Take away steps to implement at your organization to better plan, predict and manage labor standards for optimized processes. 

ELSS - Seven Effective Lean Six-Sigma Principles for the Modern Enterprise

In this presentation how for profit and not-for-profit enterprises can become world-class using the seven salient principles of lean Six Sigma will be discussed.

ELSS - Equipping Leaders to Lead Lean: Developing Effective Coaching Practices

Mid-level leaders are thrust into driving change. Many of them have high potential and have demonstrated a capability to perform. They are self -starters, understand the sense of urgency, and often eager to go faster. Many even are huge proponents of continuous improvement. They’ve become zealots of lean. So why are they often frustrated? The webinar will evaluate the effectiveness of leadership development or lack thereof.

ELSS - Dashboards for Daily Factory Management & End-to_End Supply Chain Visibility

A three-year case study review of a global consumer packaged goods company that saw the business need for improved supply chain visibility, built innovative dashboards for daily factory management, and implemented the Invistics solution to achieve significant improvements in cycle times and inventory reduction.

ELSS - Lean Six Sigma and Affordability for Continuous Improvement

Affordability is about the integration of value, customer, and cost. Lean Six Sigma provides a foundation of tools, techniques, and methods for the application of affordability.  The pursuit of affordability involves increasing speed and responsiveness, improving quality and reliability, while decreasing cost and price.  Lean Six Sigma provides the mean for accomplishing the mission.  

ELSS - The Road to Change Starts with a Discussion

During this webcast, Hooks will address change from the inside out – starting with the why, and then moving to the how, of the change initiative through the use of five core tools and simulation activities. Each of these tools and activities is designed to start and continue conversations with stakeholders in the change, leading to buy-in and commitment and setting the stage for future successful changes. 

ELSS - Lost in Translation: Making Strategic Planning Meaningful

This case study will focus on the implementation of strategy deployment at Vancouver Coastal Health, an organization of 24,000 people who started introducing lean in 2006. The focus was initially very project based but has since shifted towards cultural change.

ELSS - Applying the Formula for Change to Sustain LSS Improvement

This presentation applies the author's LSS and quality improvement experience that created an adaption to the Gleicher/Dannemiller "Formula for Change." Focus is on its simple elegance and robustness, starting with the origin and history of the Gleicher/Dannemiller formula (Dp*Vf*Fc>Rc).

ELSS - The Hierarchy of Process Mapping

How do you apply the different levels of process mapping to individual work activities? This includes strategic, operational and tactical mapping in relation to business, industrial, medical and educational organizations. This webinar will provide practical examples that will assist both Six Sigma green and black belts along with any other person who is tasked with capturing the organizational processes.

ELSS Lean Six Sigma Case Studies

The first presentation, "Pre-notification Reporting for Small Business Unit," focuses on increasing customer satisfaction in Kaiser Permanente by reducing the number of pre-notification letters that are sent out late. The second presentation, "Redefine Expert: Engaging Front-line Staff in Lean Continuous Improvement," focuses on how East Tennessee Children's Hospital is engaging front-line staff in daily problem solving that achieves the best outcome and experience for every patient and family every time they are in their care.

7 Ways to Make an Impact - Lean in Construction

Irrespective of industry domain, we believe you will enjoy learning of the advances of lean in the construction world … principles that you may be able to relate to as you observe a construction site from a distance, hear about the next tallest building in the world, or even while getting your own new real-estate/house.

Lean Supply Chain: Best Practices & Case Studies

We’ll focus on best practices gathered from a decade’s worth of experience working with "high-mix" manufacturers who have a wide variety of raw materials, work-in-progress, or finished good products, who struggle with having too much of the wrong inventory and/or not enough of the right inventory. We’ll share how these manufacturers met those challenges by managing demand and supply variability, utilizing lean principles. Finally, we’ll look at some case studies from industry leaders such as Siemens, Coca-Cola and MeadWestVaco, and illustrate how these best practices lead to real-world results.

ELSS and Management Buy-in

Future stakes could be higher for you by attending this informative webinar to preview the educational and networking opportunities at the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference 2012 in October. The knowledgeable panelists on this webinar will get you out of the "starting gate" and focus on engineering lean and Six Sigma practices, fundamentals and management buy-in.

Lean Techniques Applied to Packaging of Process Goods

The application of lean manufacturing concepts and practices to the packaging of liquid, solid and flake products will be described with examples taken from actual production lines. The use of lean methods like SMED, 5S, Visual Management, Package-to-Order and Product Wheels to improve packaging operations, resulting in lower inventories, greater throughput and higher customer service levels will be explained.

Successful Implementation of Industrial & Systems Engineering in Healthcare

The field of industrial and systems engineering has brought valuable tools and strategies to reducing cost, improving safety and efficiency, and increasing customer and employee satisfaction in industries for many years, but it has not been widely used in healthcare. In this presentation, Dr. Victoria Jordan, director of quality measurement and engineering at MD Anderson Cancer Center, will provide an overview of industrial and systems engineering and its role in healthcare. She will discuss its alignment with basic continuous improvement and operational excellence efforts (and discuss how it enhances these efforts). Some examples of successful applications in healthcare will be provided.

Staying Lean

The webinar is based around the Shingo Prize winning book Staying Lean, co-written by Peter Hines, and his 20 years of application of lean. In this period many global corporations and smaller organizations have adopted lean approaches with a range of success. In many cases a good deal of the execution has resulted in disappointment in terms of the degree of sustainability of the activity and results. This is particularly the case with organizations that have simply adopted tools based approach involving a "kaizen events" and value stream mapping. Using the analogy of an iceberg, we term this an  "above the water" approach. What our research has shown is this, on its own, is simply not sustainable without the enabling "below the water" areas of strategy and alignment, leadership, and behavior and engagement. The webinar focuses both on the framework to make this work as well as the eight years journey of multinational manufacturer, Cogent Power in not just going lean but creating a sustainable lean business system.

Rapid Sustainable Enterprise Transformation through Strategy, Simplicity & Execution

In the midst of critical economic times, it is very important to survive today to be here tomorrow. What we improve, how we improve and how quickly we improve are paramount. The popular approach has been to implement aspects of an operational excellence system that may have worked well for another company, but a large number of such initiatives fail to reach the maturity stage. There are many theories behind the reasons for the failure; however, there seems to be one common root cause – "copy and paste" tools and systems. This webinar will present and discuss applications and principles of strategic planning and execution (Hoshin Kanri) using a seven-step transformation process involving strategy, simplicity and execution. This process and approach has been developed by the speaker based on his experience at Delphi and Alcoa and has previously resulted in enterprise transformation with significant and sustainable productivity gains by cutting waste rather than people, and without capital expenditure.

Use Energy to Power a Continuous Improvement (CI) Initiative

Energy management can be used to start or accelerate a continuous improvement program. Energy costs can provide direction to a company's most significant opportunities for improvement. Energy reduction projects can be used as the cornerstone of a turnaround program. This webinar highlights why energy costs can guide a cost reduction effort, how to get an initiative started, and what common pitfalls to avoid.

Sustaining a Lean Transformation in a Complex Supply Chain Operation

Lean and lean Six Sigma business transformation initiatives have become a business imperative for many organizations in almost every industry sector. While many companies are attempting to implement lean methodologies; the vast majority fail to meet their business transformation objectives and/or fail to sustain their business transformation gains. Research has shown that the most common reasons that these efforts fail to achieve or sustain their improvement results are 1) the lack of leadership support, and 2) the lack of focus on the organizational culture. The webinar describes the path forward to a lean transformation methodology that focuses on developing critical organizational competencies around organizational culture transformation and lean process improvement resulting in a more effective and sustainable transformation effort. 

The Scoop on Integrated LeanSigma Certification and Industrial Engineering

This webinar covered:

  • The fundamentals of integrated lean sigma.
  • Differences between the certificate and certification.
  • How the certification, if done properly, can augment and enhance your BSISE degree.
  • Options available to you to achieve certification.
  • What to avoid.
  • What best-in-class certification programs require.

How to get the most out of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Function for Full Potential Impact 

Industrial and Systems Engineering has the potential to have growing impact in organizations. The knowledge base provided by the BSISE (and advanced degrees) is robust, broad, and foundational to support contributing to many timely and critical opportunities and problems organizations face today. This webinar will focus on how to 'think' about the positioning of ISE for full potential contribution. The presenter will provide a conceptual framework and then provide examples where ISE has and is being more fully capitalized on.

Change Management: A Proven Path to Organizational Excellence

Lindenmeyer discusses the importance of managing change in an organization. He will cover the levers of change, breaking the paradigms of traditional organizational change, what organizational excellence is, and the keys to process improvement.

Changing Your Culture to Lean

McManus presents, "Is your company culture lean-focused? An exercise in self assessment." If it isn’t, he covers what you can do to change that culture.

Driving Lean Transformation with Corporate Diagnosis and Policy Deployment

The presenter shows how he walked OLES Envelopes through a process of corporate diagnosis and policy deployment to drive transformation.

The Economy of Scope and the Lean Engineer

The profession of industrial engineer has always been tied to the world of manufacturing and the design of the factories that produce the consumer and producer goods that we all use. A Toyota-Style Industrial Engineer designed and ran the Lean Production System and it is being spread about the world just like previous factory designs. Evolving out of this revolution is the new IE which we are calling the Lean Engineer.

Establishing Conditions for Lean Manufacturing Success

H.B. Maynard & Co. share their experience and present how to establish conditions for lean manufacturing success.

Focus On Quality: Lean Processes

Learn how Marypat Cooper's efforts to fully integrate kaizen and continuous improvement throughout various corporate functions resulted in record-breaking productivity and profit gains.

How Office Depot's Business Process Improvement (BPI) group in injecting Continuous Improvement into Office Depot's organization

In February 2010, Office Depot created a new Business Process Improvement (BPI) organization with a mission  to drive continuous improvement throughout the organization and to create a culture of "excellence in execution." Ten months later the fledgling BPI had partnered with OD process leaders to not only meet but exceed first year goals by a significant margin. In this webinar find out how the Office Depot BPI team is rising to the challenge of injecting continuous improvement and execution excellence into Office Depot's organizational DNA.

Kaizen Events as Lean Six Sigma Projects

Kaizen Events are well understood to be a powerful way to achieve significant performance improvement in a relatively short time period. Some lean practitioners, however, have been reluctant to manage Kaizen Events as Lean 6S projects, fearing that the rigor and structure will slow the Kaizen process down. This presentation will show that that doesn’t have to happen, that the two concepts can reinforce each other and achieve greater success without sacrificing the natural urgency of Kaizen Events.

The Lean Engineer

The Lean Engineer is an IE equipped with lean tools to redesign the factory from mass production to lean production. The lean engineering functions begin with redesigning the final assembly line into a mixed model line to make it flexible and create a level demand on the supply chain.

Lean Manufacturing (Webinar in Spanish)

Aproveche esta oportunidad de ser parte de este único webinar, para obtener una vista previa de este taller pre-congreso que se realizará el Domingo, 6 de junio de 2010, de 8 a.m.-5 p.m. en el Congreso y Exposición Anual del IIE 2010, del 5 al 9 de junio en Cancún, México. Objetivo: Proporcionar información sobre Lean Manufacturing, su historia, en que empresas aplica y aplicaciones del modelo shingo prize. Durante la sesión tendremos oportunidad de compartir ideas, responder a sus preguntas e introducir al tema lean manufacturing.

Lean Derailer Modes 

Are you interested in learning about obstacles that hinder companies from implementing lean?

Moving Towards True Lean Supply Chain Management

O’Rourke and Aherne define true Lean Supply Chain and discuss the different roadblocks people run into implementing Lean Supply Chain. They will cover Lean success and challenges, Lean Supply Chain Management, and Lean SCM up close.

Readiness for Lean/Six Sigma

Scheeres presents key success factors for integrating lean Six Sigma in a healthcare setting by covering the features of Lean and Six Sigma, how to assess organizational and personal readiness, and ideas for next steps.