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IISE Transactions Webinar - Homeland Security Research Opportunities

Homeland security research has gone through a significant transformation since the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and continues to evolve. This talk discusses opportunities that the industrial engineering and operations research communities can seize. By drawing together insights from thought leaders in these communities, a path outlining research problems and discovery is provided that will serve to guide industrial engineering and operations research innovations and help move homeland security research forward over the next decade. This webinar is based on an IISE Transactions perspective paper of the same title, co-authored by both speakers and Alexander Nikolaev.

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Best Practices for Effective Virtual Presentations at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2020

The webinar will share best practices with conference speakers on how to deliver effective virtual presentations taking in consideration the platforms used at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2020.

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IISE Connect: How and Why

IISE launched a new online community exclusively serving IISE members. In just over a year, IISE Connect has become a great tool for members to seek advice from peers, learn from their experience and participate in ongoing conversations. But to maximize those benefits, members should learn more about the best practices use all the features on the IISE Connect platform.

Smart Messaging on IIE's Social Media Network

In the past decade, social media has elevated to the primary communication platform on the Internet, thanks in large part to advancing mobile technology. Today, anyone can share a thought, comment on an event, or capture a picturesque moment in real time for all of the digitally connected world to see.

Using Six Sigma and Lean Tools to Reduce 30-Day Readmission Rates

The discharge process is defined as the transition to the next level of care. It incorporates actions on the day of admission, the days between the admission and discharge, the day of discharge, and after discharge. The presentation describes the process of how the presenters used Six Sigma and lean tools to facilitate a cross functional group in developing a standardized discharge process throughout the different stages of a patient’s care at the hospital.

Annual 2014 Webinar: Big M Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities for Industrial Engineering

Join us for this preview of a unique forum for IE practitioners, administrators and researchers that will take place at the 2014 IIE Annual Conference and Expo for identifying opportunities of participate in an emerging manufacturing renaissance. What is happening in the U.S. industrial sector is nothing short of the genesis of a domestic manufacturing renaissance. Manufacturers are boosting output, building new facilities, increasing exports, and creating jobs that require new skills and knowledge.

Work Standards for Optimal Inventory Control

Maintaining inventory position between upper and lower control limits, an easily measurable work standard enables companies to achieve predictable performance in inventory investment and customer service. This webinar provides a discussion of the use of inventory position (on hand + on order – back orders) for control of inventory policy in an IT system. The measure can be used at an individual part level or an individual planner level to tie management strategy directly to daily execution.

Annual 2013 Webinar Series: Lean Sigma for Quality Systems 

Do you have quality/regulatory issues in your workplace? Do you lack a scientific methodology to ensure that the true root cause of these issues is addressed? Would you like to demonstrate to regulatory agencies that you have used a thorough approach to address their concerns? If your organization relates to these scenarios, this webinar will be very helpful to you. It provides an overview of how lean sigma methodology can be used to define your problem, establish your baseline regulatory risk, implement remediation actions, and measure the magnitude of the problem. The content is a preview of a session that will be presented at the IIE Annual Conference 2013 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Convincing the Company to Pay for Your Attending the IIE Conference (NE Region)

Getting employers to cover the expense of attending the IIE Annual Conference is more difficult than ever. Learn how to make a business case on how the company will benefit.

New England Jobs Preparation - Targeting Industrial Engineers

We are currently in the worst job market since the early 1980s, bringing incredible competition and requiring an optimized approach to a career search. Get insight into the current markets for industrial engineers seeking new positions, presentation of cover letter and resume, and tips in tricks in the job search to meet current job requirements.

Originality and How to Become More Than You Are

How original are you? How different are you than you were last year, personally and professionally? Gain insights into developing your originality and becoming more at this one-hour webinar.

Overview of Introduction to Health Systems Engineering Workshop 

This webinar presents an overview of one of the exciting Pre-Conference Workshops where participants will get a chance to apply their analytical skills to case studies and take part in interactive exercises to learn what tools are relevant and can be easily applied or adapted to address the needs of the healthcare industry.

Risk Management

Presenter discusses why risk management is becoming a critical filter for problem solving and decision making under today's volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Transformation in the Age of Turbulence: Introduction to the 2012 Enterprise Transformation Conference

This webinar is a preview of the Enterprise Transformation Conference that will show you how to align people, processes and technology initiatives within an organization. It will provide the essential knowledge and skills businesses need to change, maintain and gain a competitive edge through new business strategies that have been proven to endure throughout economic challenges. It brings together leaders from some of the most successful companies and organizations who will discuss their experiences in enterprise transformation. The conference provides a forum for sharing best practices to help organizations succeed in today’s challenging and turbulent environment.