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GANTRY ROBOT. A robot that has a wrist or arm suspended from a bridge-like frame, the latter having axes that supply linear displacement to the wrist or arm.

GENERATIVE PROCESS PLANNING. A process planning function which synthesizes a plan for a part by reasoning from first principles. Contrast with variant process planning.

GREY-SCALE PICTURE. A digitized image in which the brightness of the pixels can have more than two values, typically, 128 or 256; requires more storage space and much more sophisticated image processing than a binary image, but offers potential for improved visual sensing.

GRIPPER. (1) A manipulator hand. (2) A device by which a robot may grasp and hold external objects.

GROUP TECHNOLOGY. A philosophy of manufacturing in which parts, products, and/or machines may be groupea functionally based on shared characteristics.

GROUP TECHNOLOGY CODE (GT CODE). The classification code to represent features of a part.
HAND. A device attached to the end of a manipulator arm that has a mechanism for closing jaws or other means to grasp objects.


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