Z94.10 Management

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WAITING-IN-LINE MODELS. A quantitative planning technique based on mathematical models that describe the operating characteristics of queuing situations in which service is provided to persons or units waiting in line.

WHISTLE-BLOWER. An employee who reports a real or perceived wrongdoing under the control of his or her employer to those who may be able to take appropriate action.

WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY. An operation on foreign soil, by means of which organizations can conduct business internationally, that is totally owned and controlled by a company with headquarters outside the host country.

WIDE AREA NETWORKS. Networks through which end-user computing can be managed that provide communications among computers over long distances, usually through the facilities and services of public or private communications companies.

WORK AGENDA. A management process element composed of a loosely connected set of tentative goals and tasks that a manager is attempting to accomplish.

WORK-IN-PROCESS INVENTORY. The stock of items that are currently being transformed into a final product or service.

WORK SPECIALIZATION. The degree to which the work necessary to achieve organizational goals is broken down into various jobs.

WORLDWIDE INTEGRATION STRATEGY. A strategy aimed at developing relatively standardized products with global appeal, as well as rationing operations throughout the world.


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