Z94.9 Human Factors (Ergonomics) Engineering

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JOB ANALYSIS. A study based upon measurement, observation, and interviews to determine and identify the duties, tasks and functions involved, together with the skills, knowledge, and responsibilities required. (See Z94.6 EMPLOYEE AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS.)

JOB ENLARGEMENT. Extending the parameters of the job being performed by an employee in order to make the work more psychologically rewarding. A job may be extended in two dimensions-horizontal and vertical. Horizontal job enlargement can take the form of a greater variety of tasks on which the employee works, an increased number of tasks, and job rotation. Vertical job enlargement, or job enrichment, usually takes the form of more planning, more controlling, or more team participation on the part of the job incumbent. The additional controlling aspects may include self-pacing as well as inspection. This form of enlargement involves building motivators into the job. (See Z94.15 ORGANIZATION PLANNING & THEORY.)

JOYSTICK. A control or input device consisting of a movable lever with at least one degree of freedom.


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