Z94.9 Human Factors (Ergonomics) Engineering

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GAIN. (1) An increase in signal power in transmission from one point to another. Gain is usually expressed in decibels and is widely used to denote transducer gain. (2) An increase or amplification. (3) More generally, the sensitivity or degree of control provided by any manual adjustment.

GANGED CONTROLS. Controls which are grouped or “stacked” on a single axis so as to reduce crowding on panels of limited dimensions. For example, two control knobs attached to concentric shafts.

GLARE. A sensation produced by a luminance in the visual field that is sufficiently greater than the luminance to which the eyes are adapted. Glare may cause annoyance, discomfort, disability, distraction or a reduction in visibility.

GLASS COCKPIT. Aircraft flightdeck characterized by the use of multi-function computer displays rather than single-sensor, single-indicator (SSSI) instruments.

GOMS. A method of task analysis describing activity in terms of goals, operators, methods, and selection rules. Often used in the description of human-computer interaction.

GO, NO-GO DISPLAY. A visual display which provides only two alternate choices of information (e.g., on-off, start-stop, etc.).

GRAPHICAL DISPLAY . Computer display containing graphical or pictorial elements.

GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (GUI). Interface based on graphical displays supporting direct manipulation.

GRAYOUT. A temporary condition in which vision is hazy, restricted, or otherwise impaired, owing to insufficient oxygen.

GROUND. The unfocused surroundings and interstices of a figure or object, perceived as lying beyond and not belonging to the figure or object, e.g., the background in a painting. Figure and ground are sometimes reversible, as when an interwoven black-white pattern may appear either as a white figure on a black background, or vice versa.

G-TOLERANCE. A tolerance in a person or animal, or in a piece of equipment, to an acceleration of a particular value and direction.


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