Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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TAG LINE. An electrical conductor system employing flexible cable or cables as the conductors.

TARE. Gross weight less weight of contents.

TARIFF (AIR TRANSPORT). A document filed with the Civil Aeronautics Board setting forth applicable rules, rates and charges for the movement of goods.

TARIFF (MOTOR CARRIER). Documents published and filed with I.C.C., containing rates, fares, rules and regulations of common carriers.

TARIFF (RAILROAD). A schedule of rates charged with governing rules and regulations. (Part I of I.C.C. Act.)

TELESCOPING CONVEYOR. A conveyor, the length of which may be varied by telescoping frame members. (See EXTENDABLE CONVEYOR.)

TELESCOPING MAST. A multiple mast wherein one member is stationary and the other(s) movable vertically with respect to the stationary member and supporting the fork carriage in its vertical movement.

TETHERED-ELECTRIC TRUCK. An electric truck in which the power source is remote from the vehicle and connected by a flexible cable.

TIER. (1) A horizontal layer of a column, row or stack. Tiers are numbered in the order of their stacking from the bottom up. (2) A set of storage locations having a common elevation in an AS/RS.


TIERING. The process of placing one load above another.

TIERING GUIDE (PORTABLE METAL STACKING RACK). A formed metal piece to serve a dual purpose (1) as a  lifting device for crane handling, (2) as a tiering guide.

TILT. Longitudinal angular displacement of mast structure, forks, or carriage.

TOE (CANTILEVER RACK). The front edge of an extended base on a single or double sided upright.

TOE BOARD. A vertical projection above a platform or walkway to contain objects and to define the walkway for personnel.

TONGUE SWITCH. A switch that contains one straight section of track or tongue, pivoted at one end. The tongue can be swung to various positions to connect this section of track to other tracks for transfer of carriers from one track to another.

TOP CROSS BRACES. Diagonal members in the form of a rigid cross connecting the uppermost portion of the rack assembly.

TOP DIAGONAL BRACE. A diagonal member connecting uppermost portions of rack assemblies.

TOP HORIZONTAL BRACE. A member tying two posts together parallel to the depth of the bay at the top of the rack.

TOP-RUNNING CRANE. A traveling crane with a moveable bridge running on the upper flanges of an overhead fixed runway structure and carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism.

TOP TIE. A member connecting rack posts at the top of the structure.

TORQUE CONVERTER TRANSMISSION. A hydrodynamic drive which transmits power with ability to change torque. (Torque ratio is a function of speed ratio.)

TORQUE, FULL LOAD. The torque necessary for a motor to produce its rated horsepower at full-load speed.

TOW CONVEYOR. An endless chain supported by trolleys from an overhead track or running in a track at the floor with means for towing floor supported trucks, dollies, or carts.

TOWER CRANE. A crane with one or two uprights that can move horizontally along tracks and may also be capable of rotating around the upright. It is usually used in open air applications where heavy, bulky material must be handled, e.g., shipyards and construction sites.

TRACTIVE EFFORT. The motive force, exerted at the circumferences of the driving wheels at the point of contact with the ground.

TRACTIVE EFFORT, REQUIRED. Tractive effort needed to propel a vehicle and any trailers being towed by it, while overcoming (1) rolling resistance of all wheels, including all wheel bearing friction, (2) grade resistance, and (3) inertia of vehicle and any trailers being towed by it.

TRACTOR, MOTOR DRIVEN. A motor driven unit, supported from track wheels and propelled by a friction driving wheel or wheels. It is normally attached to, and drives, a carrier or crane end truck.

TRAFFIC CONTROL. A mechanical or electrical mechanism to prevent collision of objects as they merge from two conveyor lines into a single line.

TRAMWAY. A system in which carriers are supported by a track cable and in which the movement of carriers is continuous over one or more spans.

TRANSFER LIFT SECTION. A section of track which can be moved vertically out of alignment with one stationary track into alignment with another stationary track at a different elevation in order to transfer carriers from one track to the other.


TRAVEL SPEED. The velocity of a vehicle in a horizontal plane.

TRAVEL TIME MODELS. Mathematical models that estimate the time taken by an S/R device for an S/R transaction.

TRAY. A captive support container used to hold and transport stored products in a vertical lift module or mini-load.

TRAY (BATTERY). A tray of a storage battery is a support or container for one or more storage cells.

TROLLEY CONVEYOR. A series of trolleys supported from or within an overhead track and connected by endless propelling means such as chain, cable, or other linkage with loads usually suspended from the trolleys.

TROLLEY (TOP RUNNING). The unit including the hoisting mechanism which travels on the bridge rails.



TRUCK/AIR/TRUCK SERVICE. The surface movement of air freight to and from airports and origin and destination points beyond the usual 25-mile radius of pick-up and delivery service.

TRUCK CRANE. A portable crane mounted on an automotive vehicle equipped with a power plant for travel.

TRUCK LEVELER. A hydraulically operated ground level platform over which the rear wheels of a truck or trailer may be driven for the express purpose of raising or lowering the truck body in order to compensate for varying truck bed and delivery platform heights.

TUNNEL. A below grade passageway.

TURNING CENTER. The center of the circle described by the truck moving in a turn.

TURNING RADIUS (INSIDE). Under conditions described for turning radius (outside), the distance from center of the smallest circle to the nearest projection of the truck. Primarily used to establish operational clearance.

TURNING RADIUS (OUTSIDE). Half the diameter of the largest circle described by the outermost projection of the truck when driving slowly empty or loaded under its own power with the steering mechanism at the optimum steering angle, both forward and reverse, and to the left and the right.

TURNTABLE. (1) A device with a movable inner frame containing a straight section of track. The inner frame can be rotated, with a loaded carrier on it, to align the section of track with other tracks for the transfer of carriers from one track to another. (2) A device used to rotate cartons or other items so they can be fed from a side conveyor line to a main conveyor line or vice-versa. 

TWIST CONVEYOR. An el conveyor in which the carrying surface and guard gradually exchange their functional duties.

TWO-WAY CONTAINER. A container whose configuration permits retrieving or discharging from opposite directions along the same horizontal axis.

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